In 2016 our family set out on a mission

 To sail the world, soon. 


We're the Costa Campos a family based in Brighton UK living full time on our 32 foot Catamaran Sail Boat, Aileen. 

We believe one person can change the world for the better and have set out documenting our day to day as we create our dream life to prove this. 

Here on our blog and our YouTube series you'll see our journey to live as natural, eco-friendly, and self sufficient as possible. You'll find posts about sailing, our boat, travel (LOTS of travel!), simple living (the kids call that "hygge" these days right?!), humanitarian work, and natural parenting. 

We're so happy to have you along for the adventure.

We love to hear from our viewers so please drop us a comment on one of our videos or email us at

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The Plan
Here's where we're at so far...

1. Move to the Coast ✔
2. Buy a Boat ✔
3. Move Aboard ✔
4. Refit the Boat
5. Learn to Sail
6. Live Earth Friendly/Zero Waste as possible
7. Travel the World Doing Good