Who is Kirby? 

I'm a tiny woman that's set out on many different passionate endeavors over the years. 


I founded the music company Everything Independent the first anti percentage based label services company in the US advocating for artist's rights which I ran for nearly ten years. Eventually I birthed my beautiful little girl and started writing what would become a tumblr "spotlight parenting" blog called LittleAmour and published the book The Protesting Parent soon after.

I founded the movement changing group Parents for Occupy Wall Street, was the lead subject in Dana Glazer's latest documentary Parents of the Revolution, and co-founded the non-profit The Red Hook Volunteers when hurricane Sandy destroyed my Brooklyn neighborhood.

 Making a natural transition out of the music industry (and into story telling) I have went onto hold various positions within advertising in London. My love for the worldwide blogging community has only grown over the years so in 2016 I became the Head of Talent at Blog Authentic bringing together many of my passions in one place. 

In 2016 my family and I launched the YouTube Series Sailing Soon with a mission to sail the world, soon.

Now that's all out of the way, who is Kirby really though?

Surviving the music industry, a revolution, and a natural disaster has taught me one thing:

Without each other we are nothing. 


Now, I've set out to do positive work with positive people, building positive communities in many industries and ways. Visit my freelance tab above to check out my current work.

In short though, I'm a survivor who's always looking for ways to grow both personally and professionally. My special skill set gives me a flair for branding, project management, and idea creation. My determination and experience gives me the ability to move mountains.