15 Months

I’ve been slacking in the baby blogging for sometime now. So many posts I want to write sit staring at me from a postit note on my desk. Life seems to be balancing out being a stay at home mama and running my business though. I’ve been working on new systems and routines with my office staff and while it’s go go go I feel like it’s really going to one day fall right into place. G, this is what you’ve been up to my little 15 month old toddler you. At your 15 month check up you had grown an inch to 31 inches and gained a pound to 24 lbs. you no longer look like a little baby but a little girl!  

Personality: I’ve come to realize we can tell what your mood is going to be for the entire day from the first 2 mins of you being awake. You have your really happy light hearted days then your cranky I’m just going to whine, whine, whine days. One thing I have realized above all else is your equal part total sweet heart and little fire ball. Tantrums are starting to show themselves but only rarely being you realized they don’t really get you what you want. You’re becoming more of a snuggler again now that you’re use to walking all over the place. You still get very very silly if you’re tired and at home. Over all you’re a total sweet heart with a very mild temperament, not to say you don’t have your days when alls I can bring myself to refer to you as is a monster! 

Sleeping: You’re an awesome sleeper! You go down anywhere between 7pm and 9pm and sleep through to 6am-7am. I’m so thankful we raised you with a floor bed, at 15 months you understand that at nap time and bed time it’s time to stay in bed. We haven’t had any of that fight most parents have to get you to stay in bed once they move from a crib to a toddler bed. You’re use to the freedom and respect it. 

You nap like a champ which I really appreciate because I can get a lot of work done in those few hours. You go down between 9am-10am and sleep till 12-1pm. You on occasion will also take a afternoon nap around 4pm but this all depends if we’re out and about at that point. You now put yourself to sleep we just set you up with your sippy cup of water, read you a book, tuck you in, and shut the door for both naps and bed. You started doing this about a month and a half ago and BOY how it has changed the energy around the house. Without having to spend three hours each day (hour for both naps and bed) getting you to sleep your Dad and I have so much more time to work and get things done around the house. Needless to say you’re awesome. 

Teeth: You have 8 teeth all in the front. Man you are cranky when these little buggers push their way out. I’m thinking  you’ll be getting your molars next. (Yikes!)

Food: You love food but are very unpredictable in your taste. There’s a few staples you always love, bananas, oatmeal, broccoli, beans, pasta, raisins, and tofu. Since we’re raising you vegetarian you get a wide variety of fruits and veggies but we’re never sure what you’ll like and not like it really is day to day. You LOVE spicy food. We take you out for indian food and you adore it. You had your first taste of true junky sugar this week as you can see in the above photo.  

Talking: I was a little worried because you were not speaking very much a month ago, now it’s a complete other story. Every animal is a “dog”. Some other words frequently coming out of your mouth these days are shoes, duck, “I do”, I’m tired, and a bunch of single words baba, mama, dada etc. You babble in your own language like you’re holding a conversation with us, I’m sure it makes sense in your mind but we’re still trying to figure this secret language out. You’re pretty patient with us when you’re trying to communicate something with us and we can’t understand usually pointing and waiting till we figure it out. 

Awesome stuff you’re doing now: Being a little monkey. You have always climbed on stuff in the past but it’s getting crazy. You can scale the big kid’s ladders at the park and easily get on and off all furniture in the house. It’s impressive being your small stature. You have this crazy ninja move to get you off the couch where you jump up bounce on your tummy off the couch to land on your feet on the floor. You seriously look like you’re dismounting in some olympic sport! 

You love to dance but not to any music. You will only really rock out to guitar based music it’s very bizarre. Though sometime you do get loud noises like the sound of the subway confused with music and randomly start rocking out. 

Fave things to do: By far washing your hands is your fave thing to do. That’s shortly followed by playing in the fountains at the park. You will run up to the biggest and strongest fountain and reach in with no fear. There are kids twice your age who are too scared to do this it’s crazy. You also love “chicken time” we have everyday. I take two of our chicks out and you hang out with them on the deck. They are so use to you at this point you could pick them up and they wouldn’t care. It’s amazing and really enforces our feelings of a vegetarian life style we’ve raised you with and you father and I have recently adopted again. 

Over all you’re growing up to be an amazing little person!

Kirby Costa Campos