2 1/2

On the 28th you turned two and a half baby, a milestone! You’re old enough to take the local ballet class (I’ve been anxiously awaiting this!) now among these other brillent things…

Changes-  I bet I’m going to say this with every single age but this time period has been my favorite by far. You’re like a little grown up in a baby’s body dear. You’re so intuitive, sassy, and down right smart. You’re forming your own full conclusions and even starting to play pretend, it’s incredible to watch. You are fully talking at this point, using big words and asking questions. We haven’t hit the “why” phase yet but we’ve totally hit the “what’s that phase”. A big change I’ve seen over the past six months is how you’re not only are voicing what you want (like if I’m working too much you will down right say I “miss mommy” which has fueled a few mommy baby play hooky for a day during the week) but how you’re expressing so well how the world around you affects you, when something makes you sad, when you worry, when you are excited about something in your day. EVERYTHING. It has really made me slow down and more evaluate the environment around you. This parenting thing, once you get it figured out things change yet again to challenge and make you grow! 

Oh, the hair. Finally after almost two years as a baldy you’re getting some hair! It’s beautiful, a little wild with a slight curl and I just can’t get enough. I’ve been having a blast braiding and playing with it. I’m not sure when you’ll get your first hair cut but it’s not looking like anytime soon.

Food- You have turned into the pickiest eater in the world! You pretty much only eat tomatoes, bread, yogurt, fish sticks and grapes these days. I’ve had to work extra hard to get good food into you lately. If you agree to eat something out of the norm we’ll scoop big huge mouthfuls in just to get as much healthy food in before you shake your head and push the plate away. I’m hoping the impending soup season will help with getting you to eat somethings you normally won’t eat.

Loves- You love Sundays the most of all. These are the days you get to go play soccer and go to church. We’ve joined a Unitarian church about 6 months ago for the community and you just adore it. You’ve also fallen in love with your best friend Veronica from school. We’ve had a few play dates here or there because you two we’re always coming home talking about each other. You always ask if “Veronica can come to your house”. I never knew two year old had best friends, but oh boy do you two adore each other! You’re into the normal toddler things, arts and crafts, your dolls, and play kitchen. Your dad has been really pumping up Halloween with you teaching you how to trick or treat with a dry run at my apartment door and making sure to schedule special things like apple picking to connect the little city girl you are to the changing seasons. You have a great daddy baby! 

Sleeping- When we were making our big transition from a family home to a single parent home I brought you back into my bed to sleep with me. We co-slept for a long time so this was nothing new. The cuddles were much needed at the time of such transition. But now, we have routine and a schedule down. If we were to let you, you would stay up till midnight each night only to complain when we have to wake you up early for school. You weren’t getting enough sleep for a bit there. So, I reorganized your bedroom so it was “fresh and new” and started you sleeping in your own bed again with a 8:30 strict bed time. Your still not falling asleep that early but each evening it’s 20 mins earlier you’re in dream land. We’re at abut 9:20 now so I’m hoping in a couple weeks you’ll be asleep by 8:30 each night. As for the night waking, you’ve completely stopped that and will stay down the whole evening not asking to get in my bed anymore. Your dad is convinced you were sleep walking one night which wouldn’t be shocking since your mom does that often. 

Here’s to celebrating 2 1/2 years baby girl!