23 Months -

Changes- My dear you are talking, talking, talking. You’re piecing together sentences, naming your baby dolls, and SINGING!

We have continued on our potty training mission, you understand and will pee-pee in the potty but only if you’re naked from the weist down and not pre-occupied in something. I’m hoping when I return from my upcoming trip and as the weather gets better we’ll really jump into “no more diapers”. I’m tempted to bring you to the park without a diaper to help you understand needing to tell us you have to go but only after it warms up a bit outside. 

I’ve noticed you’re starting to play pretend a lot more which is exciting and I hope to start fostering this more. 

You’ve completely adjusted to going to school after a rough couple months. It’s so cool to see you when you come home you’re just SO content. Socialization is awesome, you come home with new words each day and new silly little games we have to try really hard to figure out. I can totally see a confidence developing in you. Now if we’re out and about and you see a group of kids you want nothing more than to join the group and play with the kids. You’re going to be very social when you grow up which is so exciting. 

All four eye teeth are taking months to come through! They are there peaking out but have yet to push all the way out. I can’t wait for you to be done with all your teething and the pain that comes along with it. 

Food- You picky little eater you. You’ve started rejecting anything green at all, and everything else is hit or miss. We just never know what you will and will not eat these days seems you change your mind day to day over things. My current go tos are Hummus, tomatoes, oatmeal, eggs, and yogurt. I’ve tried juicing for you but you won’t have it.  

Loves- Wheels on the bus song,  oh my dear do you love this song! You love to sing the “town” in a deep drawn out voice. Your fave is the “baby, wipers, and mommy” on the bus. You also do all these crazy hand movements to the song. Matter of a fact you’ve just taken to singing in general, you love to make up little songs and sing them as loud as you can with made up dance moves. You love to “dance” as in spinning in so many circles you make yourself dizzy. I’m hoping this summer to take you to some sing- along classes in the neighborhood to foster your enjoyment in this newly learned skill. 

You love cars and trains. Don’t get me wrong you have a thing for you baby dolls and everything girly but man do you adore your car toys. At a friends birthday party you were shown a Thomas the train set that moved so now it’s also shifting into trains. It’s fun getting on the ground with you and your cars and driving them all over the carpet. 

You are CONSTANTLY asking for “Richie”. Richie is an older man that brings his dogs to the park for off leash time when we do. When ever we’re by the park or you see your dad leashing the dogs up it’s all about “Richie”.

Jumping. Oh the joy you get out of jumping. You like to crouch down low low low and count to three than jump as high and as strong as you can. For some reason cobblestones really get your jumping gene going. I’ve been enjoying the jumping with you too lately this weekend we did a pretty good distance of jumps at the OWS Town Square. 

Sleeping- It’s still a struggle to get you down sometimes at night. We’ve decided we don’t like when you cry and cry till you fall asleep, so we’ve taken to laying with you till you’re asleep. It’s time consuming but you’ll only be a baby for so long right? I’m completely guilty of stealing you into my bed a few nights a week still and probably will till you’re old enough to protest, I just love love love the snuggles so much. You’re sleeping through the nights still. I’m really hoping to start getting you into bed earlier now that you’re in school.

Over all you’re growing up to be a very strongly opinionated, communicative, slightly serious but highly curious little person. It’s really cool to see your little personality shining through more and more everyday. You are loved my dear. 

Kirby Costa CamposNotes to G