3 Weeks Living Aboard

We're currently three weeks in living abroad. It has been a transition, but honestly, one we were so prepared for so not much has shocked me. We're still in the mist of refitting G's berth which means she's still in the saloon. We still haven't had the water system nor the electrics installed, and when it rains it's like a dance getting all the buckets in the right places for our old leaky windows which hopefully will be fixed come late August. It's all what we asked for moving into a boat knowing there was a massive list of repairs to make it comfortable to still be done! But, repairs are taking a LOT longer than we predicted. 

I would be lying though if I didn't tell you I'm starting to get a bit anxious to get all our "category one" things done from our survey which will only get started once we're living comfortably and dry inside. Once we complete the category one things we'll be able to hit the water, learn how to sail and treat this home like the boat she actually is! But being anxious to "get a move" on is in my general nature, patience has totally been a lesson I've needed to learn in this lifetime. I reach one goal (like purchasing the boat) and I'm roaring to get onto the next. But, as a friend kindly pointed out to me this week, nothing rarely goes to plan and there's no point forcing it, learning to enjoy the journey is what it's about. 

So, it's looking like August we'll be done with the huge refit pieces and able to move onto the sailing related repairs and maybe, just maybe, take this big girl back out into the sea a few times this fall. Work is also busy now with me heading out to Greece later this week with a handful of other bloggers anyhow so all in due time right? 

One of the most incredible things so far about living in the marina though I have to say is the community, one that's mostly forming around G. It's like moving into the marina she instantly gained a whole huge community of aunts and uncles. It's incredible how people here have embraced her. They spend time with her, take her randomly out for walks and icecream,  drop her off surprises at the boat and just, in general, bask her in attention and affection she never experienced when we lived on land. If there's anything that makes it all worth putting up with the stressors living in a floating home it's this that it makes it worth it all. The levels of relationship she's getting to experience the feeling of worth being built up in her are worth every moment. I wake up so thankful every day for the souls that stop over and talk to her even for a few mins when passing because they are playing such a huge role in her life and they don't even know it. 

When you make a big life change like committing to a life on the water there will always be these types of things that will add dimensions to your life for better and sometimes worse, and it's these wonderful little surprise that life is all about right?