A Beautiful Night

Last night baby you made a new friend in Everly Veda Jordan and her beautiful family from Dear Baby. You never know the situations you’re getting yourself into when you meet up with people from the internet, I mean isn’t it odd we know SO much about each others lives from these blogs without holding a single conversation?! I’m always afraid when I meet new people of the dreaded “awkward silences” but last night we all hit it off so well we all hardly came up for air from conversation let alone had awkward silences.

Melissa, her husband Brett, and baby Everly were just a pleasure to hang out with. We spent the night ranting away about natural birth, music, our cities we love, and everything else baby. Mark loved having someone new to talk instrument shop with. I’m always happy hanging out with new friends but if my husband is having a good time also it seriously rocks my world. I was happy we could show them a part of NYC outside of Manhattan on their short trip.

(hey you guys look good holding two babies…hehehehe just saying)

We started the night with a long stroll through DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, and Cobble Hill, all neighborhoods that drip in old charm. We later ate dinner at this great little restaurant Alma in our neighborhood right at sunset so the view of the city was fabulous, it’s our go to place for when we have visitors from out of town.

And ended the night at our favorite little venue Jalopy.I was amazed Everly stayed awake till the very end taking in the new people around her and being memorized by the music on Jalopy’s small stage. She is a great little lady, going to be a heart breaker one day with those big beautiful eyes. Over all the night was just grand and I hope to do it again in the near future with this new group of very sweet friends.