A couple weeks ago we rented a car and headed out to the country for a much needed escape. We hiked and because of a wrong turn also climbed the mountains of Malibu. For the first time in a long time we were nowhere near anyone else only listening to the sounds of the forest. 

The trip started out a little tough, the curvy California roads are G’s worst enemy with her car sickness. So a little lot of puke and a half hour restaurant restroom clean up session later we were on our way (including a pantless G, seriously by the time your kid is four do you still bring a change of clothes?!) . 

We drank in the sunshine and fresh air, savored it. The cool thing about LA we can be downtown which feels and looks a lot like NYC but a short half hour drive and you’re at the beach or in the mountains with all the space in the world to just breath and enjoy the company of so many animals!

I’ve been dreaming of a vacation as of lately, a lot. Looking at these photos is only making it worse. Is it realistic right now? Not at all…we still have a lot to figure out over here and a pup waiting to be picked up in NYC. But, I’ve been day dreaming about a relaxing (adult only) get away. Something to revitalize us after all this change.

We’ve got so many plans in the works, a lot of international travel lingering in our thoughts also these days. Once everything gets hashed out here that is, just gotta remind ourselves patience patience patience. Even if that reminder is needed once (or a few times) a day. 

Kirby Costa Campos