A Day For Daddy

This weekend I organized a “Day for Daddy”. We had a flop of a Fathers Day for Mark  this year being I was on a business trip till the morning of actual fathers day. Also since half Birthdays have become a a “thing” around here over the past couple years it was perfect timing to make a day for Mark. He had no idea what the day held waking up. 

We first had an awesome breakfast in a small and busy Carroll Gardens diner, a hole in the wall. Mark’s been wanting to go there for ages. There was a old man hosting the door and you could tell not only was he owner but this place was his home. It’s so cool when you visit businesses like this and feel the warmth from the space and people. Needless to say I left a huge tip on our $17 breakfast.

After that we took a stroll up to Atlantic Ave for the Atlantic Antic. This street fair holds a special meaning for our little family. 3 years ago due to an emergency exit off the train from being greatly pregnant and motion sick we stumbled upon this street fair and decided that day this was the neighborhood we would move to. Two weeks later we were moving in. See last years visit HERE

I’m happy we hit the street fair early just enough time to miss the large crowds. We hopped the train and hit EATILY on the West Side for some yummy snacks. We took our treasures over to the High Line. An awesome new elevated public park developed on old train tracks. It did have it’s own crowds to deal with but we were able to sneak in a wonderful family picnic with our expensive  awesome EATLY finds. 

G eventually passed out for a (second!) nap as we strolled south down the West Side. I love NYC in the fall. There’s nothing like a stroll in the cool weather and good conversation. A great “Daddy Day” all round. 

EDIT: Mark wanted me to add how he was awesome and fixed the city series with Olive Oil on this trip. Yep, olive oil for a thing of olives on our picnic. 

Kirby Costa Campos