A Little Place.

G’s been sleeping in my bed as of recent so we took down her tent and I set up a corner for her in the downstairs of the loft. It’s just temporary being within the month I’m starting the buildout on the space and this area will soon become a 3rd bedroom. That is if I can ever truly decide how I want to build the space out…I keep changing my mind every day.  

G you’ve been loving the area calling it “your kitchen”. 

We recently went through all G’s toys and dropped a box in the hallway for people to take. Two years strong on being minimalistic with G and I have to say it’s been working. Because we give-away toys every time something new comes into the house items are in a constant rotation. Plus, because she has so few actual items (this is all of it in these photos) she plays with every single thing. I’m proud we’re not only teaching her to appreciate what she has but also the action of letting physical things go and the gift of giving. We even brought a doll to the little girl next door last week for no other reason than to give a gift to a friend. 

 New gifts and found items that have become big hits around here. I was looking at a simular doll house for G recently online. Lo and behold after the day after the box of toys we left in the hallway were all taken this beauty was sitting in it’s place, don’t you just love when the universe works in such awesome ways? I’m on a mission now for some perfect paper dolls to make a home out of it. 

I’m totally going to incorporate this area into the new layout and buildout in the loft, most likely on the oposite corner once my office is moved to the second floor so I can watch from above as she plays. I’m so excited to make this loft into the vision of the home I have in my heart. Something exciting and so warming about taking a rough space and making it into a home. 

Kirby Costa Campos