A New Adventure covered in Coconut Oil.

No “new life” is complete without a new path and direction. And we have left no stone unturned in this quest for better living and simpler life. I left my music career behind me after almost 10 years making a name for myself. It was scary. Naturally I’m a stubborn person. This creates a wonderful work ethic and a (sometimes unhealthy) drive to be the best of the best no matter what it takes.

I’ve wanted to leave the industry in the past but before I had always felt a sense of failure in doing so. The biggest turning point for me was when I recently started working with someone in the top of my field. He was famous for his business over the past 40 years in the industry. Being associated with this man alone helped my career but as I got to know this person better one thing became clear: when I’m 50+ I don’t want to be him or really anyone at my age in my industry I have the pleasure of knowing. So I changed. It was a messy jump leaving the business I loved and sacrificed so much for. But, I’m excited and hopeful for this new beginning. 

When I stopped to really think what I wanted it was to “live in love”. And really what did that mean to me? To my new family? Well that meant doing something authentic, truthful to myself and others around me, something I can truly feel happy doing while not killing myself to do it. So the idea for ilubeu was born….

ilubeu is a 100% coconut oil packaged in fun time friendly single serving “Little Cuties”. The concept is straight up out of my life and my relationship, and family. We love coconut oil in our house and use it for so many things; love making, cooking, hair/skin treatments to name a few. Not a single day goes by where we don’t use coconut oil in one form or another. Hating the traditional packaging of coconut oil and not being able to ever bring it along on the many flights I had to take for work because the amount in the jars is more than you are allowed to fly with these days I dove in to creating something I love, ilubeu. 

I sourced the oil, found the factory, tested the packaging, created the website, and launched the presale all leading to hitting the ground running last week. Sounds so simple typing this all out! But really it took almost two months to turn the vision for ilubeu into a reality. 

Now I’m in a learning phase. I’ve spent so many years in the music industry selling other people’s creative work….I need to learn how to sell my own! It’s a crash course in everything all over again from social media (wanna help us follow us on instram: ilubeu or twitter loveilubeu) to learning how to place product in stores. Everything is taking that much longer because I’m learning everything as I go.

The major difference between this company and my others from the past (besides it actually being product based) is that I’m taking it a bit slower. It’s less about the race to the end and more of a joy ride as I learn what possibly the new normal could look like. 

I’m hoping as I learn how to do this I could act as an inspiration to my children when they are grown and learn my story here and from my words. We all face points in our life where we need to grow, change and reinvent. No matter how big or small the need for change is it’s scary and this is all still scary for me only a week in! But if I can float this and any other inevitably coming life changes the universe will toss at me with a little more grace, gratitude, and experience each time I’ll be satisfied and that much closer to the dream life we’re creating.

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If you haven’t yet check out our presale yet head over to www.ilubeu.com. If you want to support purchase something! Each presale order comes with a couple fun freebies including a love and good vibe filled thank you card from yours truly.  

Kirby Costa Campos