A Very Organized New Years...

Hello Everyone,

I hope your New Year has been amazing! I wanted to share something with you all. So as you learned from our last video our family’s New Years Resolution is Less Street, More Love. Mark and I recently did a wonderful little “exercise” to help us start the new year this way. So far I feel great about it all and wanted to share it with you since it’s such a simple yet productive project.

When I was trying to figure out ways to bring less stress into our life I realized the first step to doing that is figuring out WHAT it is causing daily stress then take it from there. I listed out EVERYTHING that holds some of the energy in my lil mind. First I listed out topics like; Money, Chores, Food, Cleaning…etc.

I then listed under each topic the “details” to my stressing in one word like under “food” I had shopping, cooking, eating healthy…etc. After I had compiled my HUGE list of topics and details Mark and I sat down and took it detail by detail breaking everything down and coming up with creative ways to remove the stress from me and the family. You know what, a bunch of it was SO easy to set plans in motion for we had just never taken a step back to actually do it. Ends up most of our family stress is the lack of scheduling, my mind was just holding ALL this information day to day weighing me down. Between work and real life it was getting to be too much! So we decided to schedule out EVERYTHING onto a couple family calendars to take the “thinking” part out and put the relaxed part in, and I mean everything right down to walking the dog. Here’s what came out of it:

Looks crazy but really having work & life now “google calendared” out has helped my brain breath easier already. Since we both now have iphone’s we got these great apps for our google calendar that sends us direct text reminders of all our todos daily. It’s amazing.

We have also started tracking our day to day spending with a couple googles docs to keep our finances for the year in check. Still looking for a good iphone app for that, any ideas?

I feel like all these tools and just the action of talking about our stress is going to really help us keep this New Years resolution. Writing everything down and looking it over really helped put a prospective on everything I recommend it for everyone out there as a great tool. What tools do you guys use to organize your life?