AFJ / Days 3 & 4 Week 1


(totally used G’s jump rope as you can guess I’m pretty short haha) 

Day 3 of this plan was a MUCH needed rest day. I was SO sore from all the activity. The start of the day was again tough the swelling in my lower joints were a beast to deal with making it near impossible for quick ups and downs. A hot bath, rub down by my hugely supportive love, and minimal activity beyond light house work helped the recovery though. 

Day 4 I was feeling much better. Sleeping the evening before was tough I have to admit, the joint pain really got in the way of a restful nights sleep and created a bit of anxiety through the first half of the day. That faded after the work out though.

Most swelling had gone down except for my knees. Evil evil knees! They have given me trouble since I was a teenager and had a soccer incident, now add in the autoimmune reactions and they are just a mess. At 28 years old! Ugh.

 But I prevailed took to the gym still. I did about 30 mins of a 45 min Nike Trainer App work out. Half of each of the 30 sec - 1 min sessions, completely avoiding the ones that strained my knees. I think I’ll continue the first 4 weeks of this program like this do half of what they are requesting in the work outs then week 5 start the program from the beginning doing 100%. An easier build up less likely to cause my immune system to attack.

So far so good. To my surprise with the soreness gone and no swelling in my upper body I actually felt a little stronger in my push ups…..we’ll see though it’s a quick development for just day 4! I’m waiting for the fatigue (worst of my autoimmune issues) to hit me soon from the lifestyle changes. Hoping my balancing of resting will keep it at bay but am prepared for it’s arrival if it does come. 

Work Out Review Day 4:

45 Min Nike Training Session

20 Mins brisk  walking on treadmill

(1-10 for 1 being weakest 10 being strongest) 

Strength During - 4

Energy During - 6

Energy After - 6

Soreness After - 4

Auto Immune Reactions: Swollen Knees, Anxiety


(since I’ve completely removed gluten and wheat from my diet my tummy is visually less swollen! Amazing the difference in less than a week!)