AFJ / Days 6 & 7 (!) Week 1


Saturday I woke up feeling good overall. I was taken a bit down that following evening by a wicked little headache though. I think it’s my body adjusting to all the change both in my activity levels and in my new (SUPER healthy) eating habits. The workout that day called for a 3 mile steady run. In my half half fashion I took to the treadmill for a 1 1/2 mile steady jog. 

Sunday marked one week down!!! I may have been really stoked about this. I know it’s a small start, only one week, but it’s a big deal for me. I have a bad habit of starting even committing to things and not following through. (NEVER in my work only for “me” things or caring for myself) It’s not intentional most of the time I just practice little patience which leads to starting a collection of things but only following through with the few that I enjoy/work out the most. I’m determined this plan for better health won’t be one of those things. 

The last work out on day 7 (via nike trainer) was a quick 15 min yoga practice. I was expecting it to be a flexibility focused workout being I just spent the first week pushing myself but to my surprise it was mostly more strength changing. I’ll most likely down the road swap this workout for an actual in-studio sweaty yoga session (oh how I love hot yoga). 

All my joint swelling has went away (strangely after a couple drinks on Friday night). And besides for the occasional headache and sore muscle dare I say my energy is improving…already? I need more rest for sure to keep balanced. I skipped one nap and already feel it My already old lady habits has me in bed even earlier than usual but it’s a small trade off for the shorter bursts of energy I’m getting through the day. Far from feeling 100% again but giving me hope I’m on the right path.

Work Out Review Day 7(!!!!!):

Nike Trainer Yoga - 15 mins 

(1-10 for 1 being weakest 10 being strongest) 

Strength During - 4

Energy During - 5

Energy After - 4

Soreness After - 1

Auto Immune Reactions: Headaches, Bursts of energy vs random episodes of fatigue (my body is basically freaking out with all the change)