Alright Folks...a little support, it's TIME!

We’re 48 hours away from our sleep over. We need donations. Here’s a list of the items we need, if you’re in NY or NJ I will personally drive out to pick them up from you.

If you’re not here but want to support you can donate money and I will personally buy them on your behalf. I’ll be adding a “thank you section” to the organization’s website and will personally thank the donors right here on this blog (or not if you want to do it privately). Use it as advertising for your blogs! PS a certain big Mommy Blog website will be putting a post out TOMORROW linking to this blog about the sleep over SO double bang for your buck on the traffic!

Email Me to Donate: 

Here’s the list:


LOTS of Tarps

Duct Tape

Rolls of Art Paper

Banner for event

Lanterns & Flash Lights

Art Supplies 

Foam Ground Squares Or Carpets

Toys (2nd hand OK)


Hot Chocolate 

Children’s Musician to donate their time