Another post later then I hoped to write it but, I guess lack of time is part of being a new mom! Here’s some photos and lil tid bits about your first month in this world little girl.

OH MY GOSH you were SO small when you came into this world baby girl! Being just over five pounds your little head fit in my little hand and I could hold you with one arm. You were so skinny with long legs and long arms (now covered in baby pudge) it was hard to not feel like we were going to break you. Another trait people always seemed to comment on was how damn pink/red you were. You have since turned “normal” baby color but you for sure have your dad’s dark complection which will treat you well on the many days we have planned for us three to run around on many beaches.

The first seven days were like magic. Being we had you at home we fell into a natural flow with you. You slept 6-10 hours a night and were so calm to be around. In the mornings as you woke with us you would give us little sleep smiles. Your daddy and I felt like the luckiest people to have ever lived. You sleep in our bed and spent your entire first week sleeping on mine or your dad’s chest it was pure bliss. pretty much as soon as you were born you started sucking on you forearms, you actually have a little birth mark on your arms where you would suck away. For your naps you will only sleep in the wicker basket I bought for a dollar at a garage sale before you were born, it’s really cute. We would just pick you up and place you on the table in the basket in the room we were in.

Your God Mother Lily came and stayed with us that first week and we are so happy she did. It was such a warm environment having family around and she was such a help cleaning a cooking the entire time. I love that girl so much and you are so lucky to have such a wonderful God Mama.

You were out and about the second day after you were born! I do have to say it was nerve racking, more then I thought it would be. On your first trip we took you to Fairway market. Lily drove SO slow with you in the car it was funny. we had you wrapped up around your dad in the moby wrap and I’d like to say it was a easy trip but man the worried mom came out of me. I was very happy to get out of the house though. When you were four days old we put you in the car and took you upstate to your first Dr’s appointment. You checked out awesomely and had gained a bunch of weight. It was fun having you out of the city. You also got to meet your Grandma Joy and Grandpa Ray, they were besides themselves and I can’t wait for you to grow and get to know each other.

Come in week two, where you start to act like a baby! Here’s where you started sleeping less over nights, here’s where you started waking up every two hours to feed. Here’s also where your daddy went back to work which left us at home all day long together. The first week of no sleep went well. Since you sleep with us waking up and rolling over to feed you wasn’t too hard. But, by your third week it had caught up. I was up all night with you and trying to balance caring for you during the days and getting my work done. It wasn’t incredibly difficult being you were still sleeping long naps most of the day but the lack of rest started to catch up with me and mommy brain kicked in. I was forgetting things left and right and did that freak your dad out! Things got more challenging but being you slept SO much it wasn’t as bad as most people who talk about new baby’s make it out to be.

A couple of my favorite moments we shared I will hold close to my heart forever, were I asked you if I was doing OK being your mom and how I was trying to figure everything out and you gave me one of the first real smiles I have ever seen. Another GREAT moment was when the Beatles’ All You Need Is Love song came on, you stopped and really listened for the first time. It was so cool to see you processing the music, it was really special.

Come week three you also started something new and it was screaming fits. You just seemed so unhappy so I thought maybe you’re not getting enough food? I had been exclusively breast feeding at this point and just had an inclination something wasn’t right. Ends up you weren’t getting enough food and a little formula did the trick you were back to being the calm baby and I started to pump to up my milk supply. This week you also had a “coming out party” of sorts our Williamsburg friends came over for dinner and we went to Jalopy around the corner to see our Friend Jo Dudridge play a show. This is also the first of many beers I had to up my milk supply. It was the first time after giving birth I started to feel like myself again even though I was suffering from mommy brain still!

Your forth week you started developing really bad congestion. You were stuffed up a bit since you were born it seemed but it was getting worse and your eye also started acting up. So I rented a little red VW beetle and my friend Joyce and I took you upstate to see the Dr again. You had put on more weight which was great but ends up you had an eye infection and needed eye drops. We’re still trying to figure out the issue with the congestion. Currently trying out a few things to see if it clears. It was also this week I realized me working from home was NOT going to work out. So we hired a nanny and got me an office in the same building as your Dad. When you were five weeks old we left you with the nanny for the first time and it was horrible! Now, I don’t think you mind too much but being away from you those first six hours was difficult. It gets easier as we do it more though. I never want you to be away from us for too long which is why we’re only doing two half days a week.

Over all your first month was busy but not crazy like some new parents have it. Don’t get me wrong there were moments here or there but they were fleeting and few. We love you baby girl and thank you for the magical first month being your parents.