GOLLY, what a weekend. It’s no surprise after the long drive home I can’t unwind and am back here staring at the blue tumblr screen, the very thing that has brought the crazy weekend into my life.

Everyone who sent me positive emails, comments, and reblogs of the crazy situation thank you so much. I think I’m still in shock over the whole thing, you never imagine such situations actually becoming a reality. I know I didn’t go into much detail over it all. Honestly there’s way too much to cover, most of it just so crazy it’s nowhere near believable, and on some level I feel I need to respect Kim even if she did do this horrible thing to us.

There’s been a few nasty messages and reblogs about the video I put out. Not surprisingly from the same people who attacked me for the baby ear piercing episode (really now come on). I thought you guys “didn’t read my blog since you didn’t like me” or some dumb BS like that (yet here you are again). From me to you here’s a message: I have no shame in what I did or how I did it. Yes, Kim is sick but she also took advantage of a lot of people on here and it is our right as a community to know the truth, it was my obligation to tell the other parents meeting up with her with their children who they are dealing with.

No, I’m not hating on her or trying to humiliate her in anyway quite the contrary, I took some steps today to get her the help she needs (not with this blog but in real life). Letting the reality into her life through this video and announcement maybe the first step to her getting better, and I for a fact know because of this all happening she will be getting real help soon. And even though she did this, I still care for her. But, I also needed to do that video for the community I care deeply about too.

You can judge all you want about me meeting up with blog people in real life, but fact is that I have made some amazing friends online and through tumblr, amazing people who have changed my life for the better. In fact now that I’m thinking of it, I locate most of my bands through Sonicbids, and have become so close with so many of those artists. That website which I find most of my clientele is through the internet so is it dangerous too!? (it’s So not haha) Just because I choose to actually grow my circle of friends (and work) through online does not mean I deserve or welcomed the situation I just went through. I was one of MANY mommy bloggers who met up with Kim, I am one of many who rubbed her “pregnant belly”, I’m one of many who she truly had fooled. While yes this is an eye opener to how I can take the steps to be safer with my families’ blog (as I stressed in the video) this is also an one in a million event, not likely to repeat it’s self on the level it happened, again so many details not here for you to truly understand but trust me NOT HAPPENING AGAIN.

I’m not going to let this discourage me, I’m not going to blow off the wonderful friends I have made through here who are not in the same dark place Kim is. I’m not going to be judged because someone took advantage of my trust and love.

So the group of you who once again are trying to put me down (even went as far as to call me stupid), you not so kindly can “stuff it where the sun don’t shine”.

I was the first person to speak up about this issue, but I wasn’t the only one affected, I wasn’t the only mommy or blogger who met up with her and sadly if she doesn’t get the help she needs I may not be the last.

Part of being a community is watching out for one another’s safety, even if that means some hurt feelings along the way. We may never know why Kim did what she did, we really don’t need to but as a community we have the right to the knowledge of who we’re dealing with.

I’m proud of how open I am to new people in my life, I’m proud of the people I call my friends. So all you haters go on hating today I did the right thing on many levels and am proud of that.