Autoimmune Fitness Journal / Day 2 Week 1


Oy. Just, Oy. 

Yesterday though I cut back drastically on the amount of work I did in the Nike training App and hardly ran on day 1 I’ve already managed to push my body too far. (dammit) I woke up day 2 with swollen joints and feeling sore in almost every part of my body. It’s an interesting prospective to now know that the swollen joints has nothing to do with my body posture during my work outs or the millions of other things I use to blame the pain on. To know it’s my body reacting to a hyper active immune system from the session helps me feel somewhat in control. Does it make the pain less knowing what’s going on? No. I spent the entire day shuffling around my house like Ozzy at his shaky worst. Forget about bending over for about 48 hours here. Feels exactly like flareups in my past that were induced by a variety of things. 

In hopes to shake some of the pain I drank a ton of water and while the work out plan called for a 3 mile “steady run” that day I took to the gym in all my painful glory for a mile and half brisk walk instead. More importantly was the rest I gave my body after. As part of the plan I equally rested to my work out but also knowing my body was fighting back just from the first day I gave myself a larger window to nap and relax. G happened to be home sick from school too so it was win/win restorative rest and snuggle time. 

Even with the pain I’ve already endured honestly the hardest part of this will be letting myself rest it seems. It’s SO hard to just turn my brain off. I feel guilty to not be working or doing something in the house. My biggest issue (and a contributing factor to my diagnoses) is my struggle to slow down. But, I’m working on it and learning. I’m off to a good start with this massive mid day nap on day two. 

Work Out Review Day 2:

1 1/2 miles walking on treadmill

(1-10 for 1 being weakest 10 being strongest) 

Strength During - 2

Energy During - 6

Energy After - 7

Soreness After - 9

Auto Immune Reactions: Swollen Joints