Babies & Sleep

A good friend of mine has a baby 12 days younger than G. We’ve been friands for 12 years and dated for five of those. It’s interesting to see the type of parent one becomes. My friend was always the rebel skater kid defying any form of authority, just because. So you could imagine my shock when I invited him and his family out to a show last week and he lectured me on the importance of putting a baby to sleep early and the same exact time each night. You can’t call me a “helicopter” parent at all. We’re very liberal with how we raise G we think it’s good for her to eat dirt, get into germs, and basically be a kid. We think many kids especially in NYC are too over sheltered. Kids need to be kids even if sometimes being that kid means they may end up with a face full of dirt  or a few scraps from the tumble they took adventuring that big kid slide. Don’t get me wrong we don’t let her run through mine fields or anything but we definitely give her the freedom to learn, grow, and experience things first hand. I believe this is one of the reasons she’s grown into the independent little fire ball she is today.  

We feel the same way about sleep. Some experiences only happen at night, like most music shows. Here’s where the sleep schedule issue comes in. G has been to so many shows in her short 16 months I can’t even begin to count them all. She’s toured many times with me and because of this at certain times been subject to odd sleep schedules. My friend is convinced it’s hurting her not being consistant. Yet when we’re not on the road and don’t have bands in town her sleep schedule is completely consistant. We’ve never had an issue of her not being able to get back into a routine. This isn’t to say she doesn’t need more naps the following couple days to catch up but her night time routine is very very consistant. 

 Even though G’s been kept up super late the experiences she’s had have been beyond priceless. Most of the time she would actually just settle into sleeping where ever she is at, in the middle of bands playing and bars.

When she was smaller she would sleep in the carrier on us now she’s fall asleep in our arms then happily settle into her stroller that fully reclines and covers her. I think she’s just like her mom, as in she gets better sleep with noise and activity around her. No joke I use to get the best and deepest sleep in classes at school and not because I was a slacker but because it was the perfect sleep environment for me. 

So here’s my question to bed early or not? Experience VS Sleep where do you stand? Am I a nut job to feel like we’re giving our kid an awesome life? 

Kirby Costa Campos