Baby Ear Piercing...

OK, so I know, this is going to upset some people but can I get real with you all about something that’s been on my mind lately? Baby Ear Piercing.

I am a passionate person about living ones life as they wish, supporting people who have the strength inside of them selves, to live on the outside how they feel on the inside which sometimes includes body alterations. BUT, I also believe there’s certain ages it’s OK to alter you appearance. Maybe I’m missing some thing here about baby ear piercing but HOW do I ask in the world is it legal?!

Look at it this way if you ran around with a 12 gage needle poking your baby wouldn’t CPS having something to say about that? Is it any different that you’re bringing them down to whatever mall to have some (most likely teenage) stranger permanently alter your child’s appearance? How is it OK to HURT your child for an aesthetic reason?

Seriously am I missing something here? I see myself my child’s protector from every kind of pain physical AND emotional. I don’t see how popping some hole in your infant is OK when there’s no medical need (like there are from say shots). Besides from what I think about the moral reasons it’s wrong what about the fact that your child might NOT want to have pierced ears when they grow up? My sister is 24 and never had her ears pierced and never plans on doing so.

I’m a open and understanding person but really I think baby ear piercing is wrong. And there’s not too much info out in the internet world that agrees with me. When I googled “stop infant ear piercing” the first thing that popped up is this:

REALLY!? I think that image speaks enough on it’s own about what I’m trying to express here.

Ok, let me have it, thoughts? Opinions? Hate mail?