Baby G meet Ocean. Ocean meet Baby G.

Last week even though everyone was sick we packed up the van and headed out to the beach. Baby G had yet to meet the ocean and as tempatures drop in NYC I didn’t want her to miss out this summer.

For all the years I’ve lived in NYC I’ve never been to the beaches in Long Island. I was pleasantly surprised. It was so nice with the sand dunes and fresh breeze.

This baby girl is when you met the ocean for the first time.

At first you weren’t sure what to think.

Then you decided you didn’t like it.

Then you decided you REALLY didn’t like it.

But, you really liked the sand.

You caught up on some of your reading while there…

Even if everyone was sniffling and sneezing the entire trip it was so worth it.

Kirby Costa CamposBabyG, Parenting