Baby G Tour 2013 - An Adventure.

As I wrote about in my last post 2013 has by far been my most travel heavy year ever for work. I’ve been all over this country and overseas. In four days time I’m actually heading back over the pond to the UK for two weeks which I’m really excited about. I love travel, it’s in my blood and soul to be on the open road. I love to feel the freedom and the adventure of the unknown and new. 

But, sadly this has taken me away from G for a lot of the year. One day she asked me “Mama, can we go on a trip together?”. And quickly thinking about it on a moments notice I said “yes, yes we can”. 

So after a whole bunch of planning I decided to hit the road just mommy and daughter and visit the people we’ve been saying for years we would visit. A grand adventure to see the ones we love. We’re going from NY all the way as far as North Carolina in just over a month.


Almost three weeks ago I packed what felt like our house into the kindly lent Gangstagrass tour van, left my dog in Brooklyn with a friend, and hit the open road. I have to say besides for a bit of road sickness G’s an ace traveler and hardly fusses on the longer drives. She’s a pro van napper just like her mama. 

In the beginning it was a bit of an adjustment, took a few days for us to get in a groove with each other on the road. G’s been in school full-time for almost two years now and with my traveling I wasn’t use to being on mommy duty 24/7. Plus even with the adventure I have to work via the computer. I’m lucky to have a job I can do from anywhere. I’ve had so much help with the friends and family we’re visiting so far and G’s been so loved on I can’t actually claim it to be 24/7. I think we’ve both been really enjoying the time her and I are spending together. The cuddly mornings are the best. 

I’ll post more later about our big adventures so far but our first stop for an evening was with some of my favorite people in the world, the band I Am Love at their bachelor pad in Philly. I’ll write more about these beautiful people and the amazing event they just pulled off in my next post but how cool is this space they rehearse and for the time live in? Yes, there may be raccoons but it’s something straight out of a Hemingway novel. So rough around the edges and romantic. G and I stayed in the more baby friendly attached apartment but I loved sitting up with this crew late into the night in this space long after G had fallen asleep playing music for each other and bonding with the cool breeze blowing in. It’s not very often we see this crew. 



In the morning G ran out of the bedroom being met with a million hugs from each of the guys. While they don’t see her often they’ve watched her grow over the past three years and they were all so excited to hear her talking like a little person for the first time. A great start to Baby G Tour 2013, pure love.