Belated Easter Photos

This Easter was AWESOME. As a family we’ve had a habit of having horrible holidays forone reason or another. I’m hoping this Easter is the end to that trend. G your first Easter was great, even if you don’t remember it when you read this! 

We started the day with the “Easter Basket”. Going along with the “minimalist” life we’re trying to live with G she had a very simple Easter Basket left by the famous bunny. Rather then a basket that would eventually be tossed we gave her a musical jewelry box. Being we’re not religious and tend to focus on Easter more as a holiday of Spring the jewelry box is designed with beautiful fairies and flora. We tucked inside a chocolate bunny, some eggs, a tiny tiny stuffed bunny and a pack of chalk. Funny story, Mark fell sleep early that night forgetting the basket and the dogs in the same room. Finding a missing Chocolate bunny the center piece for her gift basket “Mr. Easter Bunny” headed out at 5am to find the last unsold chocolate bunny in Brooklyn before G woke up (thank god we live in a city with 24 hour pharmacies!) , classic Desmarais Family style huh?

Easter1 Easter2

We started the celebration with some fancy dress clothes and a brunch on our back deck with our neighbors. I haven’t written much yet but our new neighbors are great. It’s two girls and a dude. We’ve spent a bunch of time with them over the past few weeks and it’s been grand. Having great neighbors really adds to the quality of a good life I’m realising. One of the girls is like an urban Martha Stewart. She’s always baking, gardening, creating and just being plain awesome. The girl bakes her own flax seed bread and donuts for gods sake! 

Well our own Urban Martha Stewart hosted the brunch and it was the cutest party I’ve ever been to, everything was spring feeling in pinks and peaches.

Easter4 Easter3 easter5 We concluded the day with a quick trip to the catholic church around the corner (no Mark and I have not “found god” but agree to leave all doors open for G to find her own path, more on that in the next post) and a little sidewalk chalk drawing. A delightful holiday if I do say so.

Easter7 Easter6  Easter8 “Become Your Dream” in chalk - my life motto that you can find plastered all over De La Vega’s Artwork, my fave artist.

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