It's official, I have caffeine detoxed. What a hard journey it was (again). I have no shame admitting I'm a coffee lover. I love everything about it, the pleasure in journey to find a perfect new cup some hidden place in the city, sitting with a good friend or a book and relaxing over a warming cup, the first cool sip and the way the sugar crunches in a hot summer day iced version, everything...except the side affects. 

Caffeine like to play major tricks on me. Making my moods and energy levels spiral. Then, after a tedious work week where I stay up to ungodly hours working there's the dependency that develops, no bueno in my book. Running a business, working on my writing career, and being a soon to be (4 days!) single mom I need to be running 100%, 24/7.

So, I took last week and kicked the caffeine out and welcome the more centered balanced body back. I'm always shocked at how good I feel in the morning when I haven't had any caffeine in my veins for at least a week, I feel calm, awake, and centered.... worth the sacrifice. So it's farewell to my good friend, you're nowreserved for special occasions and over night drives, you will be missed. 

Kirby Costa Campos