not again

Ahhhh save me! my insomnia has come back to me this really sucks!!! I haven't had it since right before Jonathan and i got together now 4 years later i can't sleep at night or really at all. Its also kinda bad I realized today I was starting to slip into my old eating habits which also r not good. I dont understand it because I'm happy. I have no reason to hurt myself like that anymore and what scares me is that I dont ralize it till my hair is thinning and i'm weak again. You think girls that have problems with food r the ones that have all these body issues and self confidence issues. But its not, I love my body and anyone whos knows me knows I have no problems with confidence. Why I have these problems are beyond me ...its almost like i forget to eat. Blahhhhh i need to get some help with this because im not doing it to myself again. I think I may venture out to the store I really dont have anything better to do at 1 am. I really can't wait till everyone is back on campus it will help me because people realize. I'm excited for work tomorrow i'm bringing lil in to whip the cheerleader into and hey thought I was tough during hockey hey have no clue. 

Kirby Costa Campos