yippy i have the internet again!!

One thing I hate about suny purchase is how our internet only really works when it wants to .....so i havent been on line in a few days because of this. Well I had a crazy weekend. I went and saw Cait's play on nazis....interesting everyone turned into rhinoceroses, it was too lonnngggg though, and to make her happy i saw it twice...this is true love lol. On saturday night I hung out with the new paltz gnomes which I haven't really done since this summer before tristin and I ended the odd thing we had.Well we had to drive around alot again because I love cait....baahhhh. then come 2 we end up at tristin's. Its rob, trist, me, sara, gaven, another guy and adain. It was fun Sara and i did it!!!...that is (get ur mind out of the gutter!), finally took the bath cait and I have been wanting to do for ever in his amazing bath tub. It was great we had bubbles and everything. Well Tristin brought Sara home and i was all warm and fluffy from the bath so I crawled into bed and fell asleep. Just to be woke up a hour later by them riding a toy horse down the stairs on the other side of the wall where my head was. Ok well to the point I did something I know you shouldn't do. I made out with tristin. I know making out with exs is bad but why is it really? Right now not wanting to be in a relationship and all it was nice to have that formilar bonding. The cuddles were great. It was nice. And figuring hes coming to purchase next year a friend with benifits could be fun. It really was nice though spending the night in someones arms....i think it was even better this time because we had no attachment, no drama the next day. It was all just fun. I wish more of life was this easy.

Yippy i have to go pick Mg up at the airport today hhh im soo excited!!! 

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