death cab for cutie

Mmmmm I'm so happy I'm starting to feel like me again its so nice I love this. I've been drawing alot lately. simple things but its nice to feel the paper again its like a familiar stranger to me. I dont know what to think of everyone being back on campus, its hard, before i didn't have my guard up and got sucked in and forgot who I really was. Now, i sink back into my bunch and understand how foolish I was just to trust, I guess its all about learning and i learned. There's a new girl here. She seems really nice I really hope she will hang ot with mg and I. we need more friends that r girls and not gay boys lol. i'm not really sure where I want to go for spring break. We were planning on going to Florida a bunch of us but I'm not sure now. I think I may just stay and save my money for hong kong. I'm going to start reading the davinci code....and start reading more all together. I'm excited for my classes to start tomorrow. I'm off to jam more to this great music. Have a happy night everyone.

Kirby Costa Campos