he came home early
I've moved on.
never from you never
but from everything that took me in where I couldn't breath 
You said it was like a drug
I discovered it WAS a drug
I'll always hold that place for you yet
I've settled 
I'll never be your love in spain 
or the connection you hold so dear and close
that you've worked so long on
I want to close those doors we had compleatly
I try
I just haven't heard the cold click of the locks
Please push my gates closed
I saw that look once since we returned
It gives me such a cold shiver
Makes everything i push to my stomach 
not as it did once to my heart 
but to my mind which is exsausted
your horrible at covering your feelings 
they show as a child
excited like everything is rich 
I have let go
and have needs for you to treat me just as anyone else 
to lock those doors 
not just for me but for you

Kirby Costa Campos