So whats all this hype about?
Well, I’m not much of a journal fan but since half of the world seem to be on here and have some secret hatred for myspace, I decided to give into the hype. I leave the state of Florida in about 5 hours. I’m really happy with how his trip has went. I saw a lot of awesome people. I’m really glad to keep my old friends. Like, John and Lily. Its nice to know I kept friends from so far away for so long, so close, its like I never left. I hope some of my Florida people will come and visit me in NY someday. Its really cool to see how everyone has changed over the past 2 years everyone has grown and changed mostly John hes sooo different now. Its cool though he’s finding out who he really is. I just hate how tough his parents are on him OCSA is one of the best things to happen to everyone going there including him, I think he’ll make it though he’s strong.

I got to get away from the cold and enjoyed the sun. I started to look at a friend in a different light. I really love that when things surprise you. You think you know how everything in life is and then you get surprised and you like hmmmmm this isn’t that bad…..not what I expected, but not bad. I feel bad for him though. He’s holding onto an old love. I can relate about how hard it is to move on but I wish I could help him. It took me over a year to get over Jonathan . Its hard when you just don’t want to move on. He’s a fun guy, could keep me amused I think for a while. I have this problem when I date, I bore of guys really easily, I feel he could keep me on my toes which I like. Who knows maybe things will work out for him and his ex in the end. It just makes me sad because he’s yet realize you can’t be in a relationship fully untill, you are happy with yourself single. It took me many boys, a lot of pain and growing to realize this. I guess thats all part of life though, learning from relationships and learning how to deal with the pain from it no matter how it ends. But I think in the end its worth it all because you can finally relax and just be in it and not have to stress over it all. Well, no matter what happens we had our fun and he’s coming up north in a few months hopefully he’ll be up for more fun because NY is my territory….teehee and I‘m totally up for it (he was a good kisser….shhhh!). 

I have been working on the whole relaxing thing since I went on this little trip. I realized my worst attribute is the fact that I have no patience. I get pissy if I have to wait for anything and or am rushed. So coming down here with no car and no plans just leaving it up to the people around me has really helped. I really am learning how to just go with the flow of things and not always have to have control of everything and everyone around me. I guess going into the profession of a director isn’t going to help much with this little problem of mine…but oh well more of a challenge. My friends and I are planning a road trip from Florida to Cali to NY. It would be sooooo much fun. I’m gonna go lay in the sun now before I head back to the freezing rain. Ciao.

Kirby Costa Campos