summer loving...had me a blast

I’m flying back now from the sun to the snow. I have a hotel room waiting for me back in New York because the weather is really bad and my car also got towed….long story. Its nice I have 2 seats to myself mmm space and I am fully enjoying my new gap neon green vest a got for Christmica. I have to wait till morning to get home. I’m going up state for the weekend to do slave labor for my mother……mother still sounds weird to me. I really think this journal thing will help me with my stress levels. With this new lab top it’s so easy to just sit down and let it all out. Well here I sit listening to Grease. I’m going to be working on both Grease and Alice in wonderland over the next 4 months with two young groups…so I’m gonna need this whole stress releaser. I went skating for the first time in the past 6 months, it felt so good. Just me and the pavement. I get so caught up in work, school, sports, and socializing that I often forget if I just did these little relaxing things I would be so much more sane. I’ve realized in the past week or so I really am starting to enjoy being single. I mean I do miss the little stuff like having someone there always thinking of you and of coarse the intimate part of it all. But now that it’s been a few months with not even dating I’m learning the perks of being single. I’m not tied down. If I want to go out I do. If I want to kiss someone I do. No worries about he other person and hurting feelings. I have been traveling by myself and it’s a nice break since Magaly and I have been inseparable for the whole past semester. I was talking to Luke earlier this week about going on a road trip this summer. I hope it will happen. We want to go up to cali from florida then back over to New York. It would be awesome. I really want to check out LA and the OC. Speaking of OC, one thing this trip has giving me is a new addiction (teehee now rocking out to grease lightening while everyone around me sleeps) I watched the whole first season of the OC while in fl. I LOVE it. It really hits close to home for me. The whole thing of Ryan being abandoned by his family and making a new one with strangers I can totally relate…that’s what I did just not with rich millionaires in Cali. The whole life seems so appealing to me in Cali I really have been torn in the past few months over my New York pride and the whispering call of Cali in the back of my mind. I’m starting to wonder if new York is really where I want to be right now. I think I may take a semester off next year and try to intern on one of Lily’s uncle’s movies (he’s a big time film director). I am such a dork I just looked out the window and thought I was the moon …thinking “wow that’s a really bright moon” ….it’s the light on the end of the wing lol. Sometimes I think it was better when I was a blond. Oh well I’m gonna go take advantage of my being single perks, there’s a cute guy sitting in the back that I want to flutter my eyes lashes at on the way to the bathroom.

Kirby Costa Campos