snow and ice falling down

Well...I'm upstate and can't get to my e-mail on this computer and this page won't let me add friends till I confirm my I'm typing to air. Well, how's everyone doing? I just read some of my Florida friends journals yippy John is staying at ocsa (to those who don't know my fl friends this is a very good thing). I have to go back to work on Monday....blaaa that means back to life back to the gym, and school. I've been finding my friends on this page, its interesting to see people talking about me lol. Its all good things ...some interesting things that I'm just like hmmmmm, but still good. I think I may wander out to New Paltz and visit some old friends tonight....oh boy the New Paltz crew. Crazy people. I think I may take next year off from school or maybe the year after next. I really want to travel then that way if Cait and Lil decide to go to Purchase I'll have another year with them...why rush through school? I enjoy it and I enjoy where I am now in life. I'm gonna try out for the real world ....that would be cool i enjoy attention so I wold enjoy being on tv. ....for all my ocs people, how funny is that commercial on mtv with Dove???? He screams like a girl! Its so weird seeing ocs on tv i don't know why i get soooo excited over this but i do most likely because I miss it soooo much. I'm gonna dig into the left over Chinese food...give myself another tummy ache like I always do with that stuff and taco bell ...its just sooo good lol. 

Kirby Costa Campos