i'm tired

I'm tired in more then one way.
My body aches from the lack.
I'm tired of being the other girl.
I'm tired of being the ex, you still see.
I'm tired of being the "close friend".
and the one that got away.
An obsession
I'm tired of being the good fuck 
and the one night stand.
I'm really tired of your mixed signals
and your games you scrape my way.
I hate how you leave me hanging, everytime.
You try to explain but im tired of your hollow words
Your games that you run
I need so much more
I can't wait around like this.
I need to have that love, the one that is there no matter what
I hate just being a good fuck.

I dont want to play those or any games.....even the ones you like. I'm tired.
I just want to love you and be loved in return completely.

Kirby Costa Campos