Hmmm interesting

Ok so i've figured it out. So this whole time i thought my problem was that I was being way too impatient and not giving everything time to grow....bull....that's why I could never really set a "name" to my "issue" with this special someone. Ok now that he's single....we've been chilling but I got the same bad feeling in my tummy....but never could really tell what it was. I almost said screw it then...last night the mystery was uncovered. It was purely sexual frustration....I mean I knew I was a sexual person and all but this I never saw coming. Here I have been this whole time thinking hey I feel bad because I want more (as in relationship stuff) So not true....We fooled around nothing serious, just fun, and now I feel as though a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. For a while there I was like grrrrr why am I making such a big deal of I understand....because he makes me feel so great to share something so special with him. I am sooo relieved I'm not that crazy....not that attached...just chilling like I and every college student should be. So now I'm going to go study for this quiz that may or may not happen tonight and let out a ton of big Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsssss.
I really need to learn how to follow that gut instinct more often if i had this would have been figured out sooooo much longer ago.

Kirby Costa Campos