not that bad

Ok so here I am I started a myspace group for people who went to onteora just so we all could keep in touch and such....well growing up you know how there's those kids that seem to have everything..good families, money, a good future. Well I always felt like shit because i wasn't one of those kids growing up. Fucked up family, poor, moved out at 15......people like parents of kids at school and such always made me feel like this wasn't going to get me anywhere with life.....but now as I read peoples profiles, and hear about what everyone in life is up to with their life's not even a year after schools been over, there r so many people who have dropped out of school and ended up back in that lil town we all grew up in. My life now great job, great school, great life basically, where im succeeding and happy is not how everyone thought I would end up. So all of you soccer moms who thought I was such a bad influence on your kid, all those people who thought I would fail...its soooo corny but look at me now! I'm proud of myself, and have reason to be.

Kirby Costa Campos