run away lungs!

Wow we had one crazy weekend! We partied all weekend at a friends 3 million dollar house. It was grand, everything we wanted and needed was supplied. Magaly and I were soooooo spoiled it was great. Its sad because one of our newest friends leaves for Japan tomorrow and we just stated hanging out with them. We drove really fast in really nice cars. I love that feeling of the wind outside the car and knowing you could loose it all in a minute, makes you realize what it all is. I moved into a new apartment yesterday god i hate unpacking. I feel likes really going to effect my life in some grand scale way how i set up my room. Like i may forget all these lil memories if I don't have every little piece of paper to remind me of them....I wish I could have a camera person at every great moment in my life...then I could just sit back and be in bliss.....wouldn't that be great? Brandon is on his way over. Its interesting the way he can be like two different people, depending on the day of the week. He changes so much depending on what people he's been around. I hate it, its like every Monday I have to fight back for the one that I want. 

 this house we were at had this crazy had a heated seat and the European style washing. It was so funny I made magaly sit on it while I hit buttons we were having a great times I don't think I ever laughed so hard over a toilet. magaly said it tickled i was too scared to try it.

Well I'm gonna go hack up a lung now.....damn you Magaly.

I got my hands complimented this weekend it was nice. I liked it.

Kirby Costa Campos