Its not going to stop. so just give up.

So I'm feeling soooo much better today my lungs have waved a white flag which makes me mucho happy. I went food shopping today it was happy, I brought my Cait. I really miss home, school can be so draining. Its hard to keep a balance of my attention on life and on keeping down to earth and being me. with out one or the other i loose it and become some sort of space cadet. I really like my new apartment, my new room mates are really cool I feel more relaxed here not like everyone is out to get me and eat my food. I am really excited about this summer...I want to get back to my hippy self. I really have been feeling like a stranger in my own body lately. I need to pull back again, before I run on the wrong path again. I really can't wait for Beltane this year its just what I need right now too bad its like 3 months away oh poo.

Kirby Costa Campos