I don’t want to be a waste of paint
A waste of time
I want to reach the great reward
Hope and pain 

Soul cut out of paper
Crazy hair
Fairie chest

Why do you give me the time of day?

Why am I always running 
What will I ever expect?
Running in circles 
The lil tastes of freedom
Is sweet

I like the feeling of alone
The power to cuddle in the corner and write
Why do people make me feel bad for this?

I’m on a path that only I can see
Sooo I haven’t found my peas 
But im thankful 

I want to run up and down Canal street screaming out my love
Its sudden this urge I get and hide behind
Is the only escape you’ll ever find
I’m sorry

I’m just a waste
A penny to your lane
That runs around on that empty stage

The one I found is long gone
I’ll never move on.

Kirby Costa Campos