a break from me

So today is great. I slept late but not too late and I have been ale to clear my mind of alot of things. I think my biggest issue I have to face about myself is the issue of trust. I dont trust anyone. Of coarse I have reasons but in the long run me not trusting anyone is only hurting myself. Magaly always tells me oh forget this person forget that person when they do or say something hurtfull, but that I've realized is only going to suck me in deeper to what they said or did. I think I need to learn how to forgive and forget. Whether or not that person deserves to be forgiving or forgotten, I deserve it to let the pain go. I may start to get burned more often with my guards down, but i think that is where the issue of faith comes in. Faith that Karma will serve as is. I am going to start to trust and forgive, today.

Kirby Costa Campos