I dont want to be the guy u see at the play ground
I have to say I really am in love. With sex and the city that is. This show really tamps me back to the city life I knew oh so well before coming to school. So Joe and I worked out our differences. Kinda I think. I'm still not sure if its really what I want. I just got the most wicked stomach pain. Grrrrr I really dont feel like going to my class tomorrow morning. I'm not really sure what I want to do this summer. Mg and I were thinking it would be fun to get a house in a small town somewhere and just cultivate ourselves. I dont know anymore. What is it with the latest trend of scary movies that have been coming out. I really hope my loan refund comes in soon because I really need to travel soon. I'm getting the bug again. So while everyone celebrates the super ball im gonna curl up in bed and sleep. Good night!

Kirby Costa Campos