hail the pages turning.

Ok, so life has been a balance for me lately. Really bad and Really good. Its sooo worth it. So for those of you who dont see me on a day to day basis, I am getting suspended from campus housing....long story, didn't do anything, not really and defiantly not to be punished to this extent. Its ok though I've been wanting to move out of housing and into my own place anywho. I found a place 15 mins from campus, it will in the long run actually be cheaper then living here over the summer on a month to month basis. Its also uber close to the subway so getting to and from the city will no longer be an issue. I'll most likely get a job in the city on weekends for extra cash. My love life is amazing, its slow like honey but perfect in its own way. I'm really beginning to be happy again, in a full deep way I love it and him.

Kirby Costa Campos