strumming my pain with his fingers

It's been way too long since I have wrote....unmentionable reasons have prevented me from venting. So life has panned out alot different then any of us expected, especially myself. My first full fledged show has taking flight, the first production meeting was two days ago....funny, I'm not even 20 and have a huge show opening in the city in 4 months, crazy, I love it. I've taking a break from boys and men and love over all. I feel as though I've been spun around so much in this area i can't walk straight and I'm just going to stand still till my mind stops shaking...I hope I'm not just waiting around, never really tell with my head. Anyhow time to focus on my career and friends both which were semi put on the back burner in the past few months...sorry guys. I miss me and my life with out the pain I hope it dosnt burn too much now.

Kirby Costa Campos