bem, bem, maria

So i didn't even realize how out of hand life has gotten for me. I need to take a step back again and assist the situation. I need to work on me. Even though the "us" is starting to work its self out again. It feels good but I need to feel back to me before it can be real again. This summer is going to be a really good one for me, I think I will grow more then I ever imagined I could. Its odd how much the two of us have grown together, I always thought all the pain would push us further apart, but its different in this case we have grown from one another's pain and have come out of it together, I guess this is what love is all about. Again balance. A summer apart will be the escape to get back to myself I need. Besides from this revelation, it better warm up for the festival this weekend or it will really suck it is too cold to be running around half naked, we'll all end up getting sick. I'm really going to miss Magaly when she leaves for the summer, besides from my girl friends up north far away I'm going to have lack there of girl friends here...Rachel will be back from Europe but we all know how she is....damn you all move to the city!!!!

Kirby Costa Campos