the earth is on fire!

Ahhhhhhhhh! I am sooooo bored anymore....My one job has ended and they other I quit so as of right now ...jobless and poor......Yet I'm starting at applebees (Nyc 42st) again next week and my teaching job starts at the end of the month.....i hope to meet some cute team mates there. Now I'v been just sitting around .........if i clean my house again I may I took what little gas I have left in my tank and I drove to the library where I sit now talking to you. I've been hanging out with a few boys but......thats how its always been for me..... stupid.... Magaly is convinced I'm turning into Samantha from sex and the city. I think that may be a bad thing but oh well thats life....onto myspace I go!

Kirby Costa Campos