I'm sitting outside on a stoop across the street from my soon to not be mine apartment now and collect what ever signal I can for this computer. I had my first small surgery today ...who knew cancer would hurt so much. I can smell the incense im burning I'm not sure if its from my window or my clothes. I missed Brandon a lil today then I realised I really didnt because I'm happy. Sick, still with out new apartment, not going back to school, killing myself in the restaurant, but happy. Wow this entry sounds so depressing really it shouldnt lol. Next week I'm going to see kings of Leon play I'm uber over excited even more for the person going with me, it promises to be a good time. I need to go to bed. Sleep is essential at this point. Oh yes and Etan loves me he's taking me to see spamalot next weekend this = me loving him. Enough self blabbing. Good Night.

Kirby Costa Campos