Music heals the Soul.

I’m in a very light hearted mood today and it is all brought on from the presence of music in my life. I just came from a session with Ken (the boss man) and the amazing new Compulsions album being worked on by the Rob man. Nothing gives me the tingles more then seeing music I love being created. Crazy to think just a few weeks ago these guys played at CBGBs (I truly never ever thought I would be able to ever say this) even better was the birthday shout out they sent my way…..BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. This follow up with coming home to find a facebook wall post that Adam from The Travelling Band who also have a Brand NEW super awesome album out (song in next post). Sending birthday love he also received my holiday gift which was a little piece of something super special from my childhood. I love giving more then anything else. This led me to full on listening party in my earphones with the new album that has brought me back to their resent visit to NYC and at the Brooklyn show I was sent into full on cry fest when they told the audience the details behind one of their tunes was a fateful night when  my car got towed during a all night/morning/life jam which I did not know till that moment. I won’t even get into how amazing those boys made my birthday party swing dancing on the roof and all. Words can never express the love music has made me feel in the past few months. I don’t know why I’m involved in it and always have been, but I know one thing, I’m right where I should be. Happy. 

Kirby Costa Campos