The New Year is Upon Us.

I always find it weird but comforting on many levels how people use the new years to look back and make changes. Technically can’t we do this at any point and if life is about change and growth shouldn’t this be done on a consistent basis? Well, here I go joining the hypocrisy once again. 2008 was a HUGE year for me. My horoscope (Suzan Miller WOOT) said it was the year of 2000 great for my sign, the “Power” year where everything I did would affect me for the next 12 years. It was quite recently when I was thinking back on this year that it occurred to me just because it was my power year didn’t mean it would be easy…or fun. I have had so many changes over the last year. mark and mine’s relationship, falling in, out, and back in love, moving back to NYC, getting our great place, building my company up again, building relationships with a new group of friends, cutting CRAPPY people OUT, and basically settling. The weird thing is it seems this year has been tough on everyone. Someone told me it was a year made for self revelation to prepare us for the end of the world. If that’s the case the next few years better be about love, fun, and finding peace if our days are numbered outside the norm. Or will they be about fitting everything that has a point in before then? I’m exhausted just thinking of it. I’ve had a great life so far including all the mistakes and can’t wait to see where it’s going form here. Just as everyone else I’m ready for 2009 very much so. This new year I’m planning on building off the roots I have planted, building my business even more, work on the apartment to get it where we love it even more, GETTING BACK IN SHAPE, and building even stronger relationships with everyone I love. It will be a good year. I can feel it. The Magic.  

Kirby Costa Campos