Mark and I have moved SO many times over the past 5 years. One place to another, settling, unsettling, moving on. We've adored our adventure in Brooklyn, taken in so much of the character this great city has to offer, but, we've made a decision. It's time for this girl to go home. We moved to Brooklyn 4 years ago because at the time it was all we could afford, not by choice. Now, after searching through pages and pages of craigslist ads we noticed something amazing not only can we now afford what we want but in many cases it's actually cheaper to live in Manhattan compared to West Brooklyn. Amazing. So the move we shall make! While our lease isn't up for another good 6 months there's a little flutter in this girls tummy. She's going home. Where everything she loves is, where the energy is exactly what she needs, where it feels like a warm blanket being wrapped around her shoulders saying "everything will be ok". This New Yorker's going home and couldn't be more excited. 

Kirby Costa Campos