I recently turned my attention back to a site I launched a while back Awesome Baby Blogs. Call it my side project I hope to turn into my side side company/job eventually. Having 3 days off a week from Everything Independent is really changing a ton for me. I'm dare I say starting to learn how to begin to relax...?!?! I see a routine shining through finally after so long that's making it possible to balance my career, being a mom, and doing what I love with my writing. There's so much more I would like to be able to fit in, so many more healthy habits which I will eventually find a place and time for till then I have to say I'm feeling a little proud being able to provide, support, love, both my family and myself. Not to say I'm perfect or ever will be, it's just nice to see some pay off for invested work and energy. Feeling good about life and where it's taking me. 

Kirby Costa Campos