There was so much I never learned growing up. Basic life skills that I never even knew I was missing. It gives me a shiver thinking of when I was young, so reckless and not the normal "reckless" teenager I was never ill intentioned or after pushing boundaries, but just the fact that I was never taught these basic life skills was really difficult, I was on autopilot of survival. I think 2011 has been while difficult, magical because I'm finally grasping some of these basic skills. I have to being now there's a little human looking to me to teach her how to be a rounded, good, multifaceted human. There's something to be said about living a quality life, quality in every decision, every move. While it's not always easy and there's still a huge learning curve I'm no longer just in survival mode, but figuring out a quality path to a honest, good, deep life. I feels good, living, finally. 

Kirby Costa Campos