2011 You Rocked.

The Facts

-My company almost burned to the ground which broke my heart and I saved it within two weeks and doubled the profits, which proved to myself how strong I am

-I restructured my company from the inside out

-I gain then lost a business partner

-I became a full time mom then G started school

-I became a better mom

-I made it over many emotional turmoils and made many repairs while seeing what a long road I still have ahead on my emotional journey 

-I connected and reconnected with many people

 -I re-established my self identity and independence

-I formed an organization that will create change 

-I wrote my first book!

 -I moved into the home of my dreams

-I feel like I've centered myself so much more than I have ever been.

-I've moved forward and set a lot of things in motion

As for 2012 so many typical resolution things I would like to make happen like get back to pre-baby pre-married weight, get my finances in order after the most expensive move ever.... Then not so typical things like do a little book tour, write my second book and finish the research for my third, possibly find a team position to get me out of my office a few times a week. One big one - keeping my email accounts empty and caught up every single day. 2012 will continue to be an amazing year just like the one before. I do hope it won't be as painful as 2011, yet I still hope I learn as many lessons because the struggle has made me stronger much stronger.


Thank you 2011 for being the best year of my life so far, truly.



Kirby Costa Campos